BYU Philharmonic and Trombone Choir Performances

Philharmonic Concert – The Philharmonic put on an enjoyable evening of music last night. Opening with Rainorama, a piece for steel-drum band and orchestra, the orchestra treated the audience to a rather unique sound. Following Rainorama was Dance of the Seven Veils from Strauss’ opera “Salome”. As this was the second performance of the work this semester,  so what may have been lacking in first-performance enthusiasm and energy was amply made up by the improved technical performance and overall control of the presentation. Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 filled the second half of the program and was guest-conducted by Dr. Alex Jimenez of Florida State University. The soloists did a fine job conveying the spirit of Tchaikovsky’s longest symphony.


Trombone Choir – The trombone choir concert was also enjoyable. Donovan Wilbur’s Three Western Themes was especially well received.

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