Master’s degree complete (almost)

I have just submitted the final copy of my research paper. Yesterday I passed my final oral exam. All that’s left is the processing of the necessary paperwork by the school. So, I guess I can say I have earned a Master of Music degree from Brigham Young University!

It sure has been quite an experience. Thanks of course go to Dr. Will Kimball who was with me from the beginning. All of my professors have been fantastic and I have learned a ton over the last three years.

People have asked me what this degree qualifies me for. I have jokingly responded that a Bachelor of Music (BM) qualifies me to flip burgers, so I suppose a Master of Music qualifies me to flip burgers…with style.

My wife is still persuing a degree at BYU, so I will be staying around for the forseeable future. I intend to continue to teach lessons, perform with the Orchestra at Temple Square, maybe put together a quartet, all the while preparing to enter the audition circuit. My schedule has just freed up considerably, so I am quite available for any local work that comes around.

I am excited for the unknown future in front of me.

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