“Play Trombone Today!” with John Timmins – Review

This is my review of the instructional DVD “Play Trombone Today!” put out by Hal Leonard in 2005.

Beethoven – Drei Equali, Mvt. 1 – Audio

This recording was done for a Studio Recording class at BYU on Nov. 4, 2009. Our artist fell through, so we recorded this movement of Beethoven’s “Drei Equali” with me playing all four trombone parts. A bit rough in my performance and the microphone placement was not ideal (we learned much better techniques because of this recording), but still sounds pretty decent and was a fun experience.

Why Music Matters – Article

Dr. Karl Paulnack’s Welcome Address to parents of incoming students to The Boston Conservatory, September 2004. Very insightful treatment on the importance of music to the human condition.

Academic Fanfare – Video

“Academic Fanfare” by Dan Thrower. Performed by Phoenix Chamber Brass (2007) – Dan Thrower, trumpet; Kent Foss, trumpet; Adam Nelson, horn; Todd Jacobs, trombone, Jesse Chavez, tuba

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