New Teaching Website!

Hello everyone!

It sure has been a while since I have updated this site. There are a number of reasons for that, but one of the main is that I have been working on a new teaching website, “The Brass Coach”! You can visit it at

I am really excited about The Brass Coach! With only one website I was having a hard time giving enough design attention to both my professional performing career and to my teaching studio. By having two sites I will be able to focus each one much more effectively on its main purpose instead of trying to cram two related – but different – goals into the purvue of a single website. JacobsTrombone will work more towards promoting myself as a performing artist, while The Brass Coach will act as the gateway for my teaching studio and ensemble coaching endeavors.

There is still plenty of work to be done, but I see a lot of potential in this new arrangement. Please head on over to The Brass Coach and let me know what you think!


Thank you for visiting JacobsTrombone. Here you will find information on Aurora, CO trombonist Todd Jacobs (that’s me!) and my current activities related to the trombone.

Please take a look around, watch the featured YouTube Video, and check out the “Useful Links” page. Feel free to leave comments on posts, or contact me to provide feedback.

Fantastic Discounts for Music Lessons

In order to celebrate my new location in Centennial, Colorado, I am offering steep discounts on trombone lessons, euphonium (baritone) lessons, tuba lessons, and brass ensemble coachings.

Check out the “First Month Colorado” and “Start of Semester” discounts. If you sign up for contract lessons by the end of August, you could save 50% on your first month’s fee! You can also receive discounts for referring friends for lessons.

Head over to the Specials page for details.

Ready To Teach In Colorado

Hello everyone! I am now posting to you from my new location in Centennial, Colorado! It has been a crazy few weeks as we have been moving in, organizing seemingly endless boxes, and making our living space feel like home instead of one giant storage container.

I am now fully ready to begin teaching trombone lessons, euphonium lessons, tuba lessons, and to coach brass chamber ensembles. As I have just moved here and the school year is about to start, I am offering several discounts to new students. Visit the Specials page and the Lessons/Coaching page for the latest deals and lesson options.

I am looking forward to contributing to the students of music in the great state of Colorado!

Moving to Colorado

Unfortunately my circumstances have changed more than I had hoped, forcing me to leave Utah and move to Colorado at the end of June. I have had many good experiences while I’ve been here and will miss all of my friends and colleagues. I will miss teaching at BYU and performing with the Orchestra at Temple Square, two of the many wonderful organizations I have been blessed to work with during my stay in Utah.

I will no longer be able to accept new contract students in Utah, but will offer individual lessons at contract rates as scheduling permits.

Thank you to everyone for the memorable time it has been.