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New Theme, New Featured Video

You have probably noticed the new look of the site! I am experimenting with a new theme that is wider and gives me a bit more flexibility with my layout. There were a lot of things I liked about the Freshy theme, but I was just a little bit restricted by the narrow form and only one column for widgets. I have been looking for an acceptable three-column theme for a while now, but nothing gave me the features and look that I liked about Freshy. Though it is not perfect, Mystique does have a lot of what I was looking for, so I will be giving it a try for a while. Let me know what you think.

Also, check out the new Featured Video: Creston’s Fantasy is kind of my arch-nemesis in the solo literature. I love this piece, but only when the soloist is accompanied by an orchestra as it was originally written. The piano version loses the interplay of timbre that makes the bi-tonality work. Instead, it just ends up sounding like bad atonal music. Robert Kaip does a very fine job in front of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

New Featured YouTube Video, More Useful Links

This week’s featured YouTube Video is up: a jazz-inspired quartet played by some of the finest players in the world.

Two new Useful Links have been added: Weston Sprott’s website and Brass Musician’s online magazine.


Review: “Play Trombone Today!” with John Timmins

I was browsing through the local library and came across a DVD titled “Play Trombone Today!” featuring John Timmins. I borrowed the DVD from the library out of professional curiosity and decided to write a review. Check it out on the “Media” page.

New Page: My Equipment

Go under the “About Me” menu tab to see “My Equipment.” Here you can see pictures and brief descriptions of the instruments I use.

New Menus, New Videos, New Stuff!

Howdy! It’s been a while since I have done an actual post, but things have been somewhat busy behind the scenes with some new stuff and a bunch of tweaks.

Menus – has finally added in customizable drop-down menus! I have been trying to keep navigation simple and straightforward without, but I have been hoping for these since I started the site! This will make it so I can add a lot more and still keep it easy to find. I have already added several items under the main pages – take a look!

Featured YouTube Link- I have been featuring different YouTube videos with excellent playing. There is a link to previously featured videos just under the current feature, but since the links are kind of hard to see, most of you have probably not clicked it. So, for those who have missed any, the link is still there, but there is also a drop-down link under “Media”.

New YouTube Feature – Speaking of YouTube features, check out the latest video of the Metropole Orchestra Big Band with Martin van den Berg on bass trombone. This guy’s got a great bass sound and leads the group in a fun, bouncy tune.

New Events

  • Bells on Temple Square – This is after the fact, but I performed in a brass choir that assisted the Bells on Temple Square on Friday, June 11th.  We accompanied them on several pieces and also performed Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.” This was a great concert and I really enjoyed working with the bells. If you get a chance to see a hand-bell choir, take it!
  • BYU SummerFest – I am assisting the Orchestra at BYU’s Summer Music Festival. The concert is Saturday, June 19 at 3:00 in the DeJong Concert Hall.

Phew! I think that is everything for now. Thanks for visiting.