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“One Nation” Success, New Video

Thank you to everyone who came to the “One Nation, Under God” event. I enjoyed performing the patriotic music with the different choirs. The youth choirs were especially fun to listen to (and watch…some of them were so little!). I hope everone had a good time.

I have also updated the Featured YouTube video with a fine rendition of the first trombone solo in Mahler’s Third Symphony. This is one of the very few instances of orchestral literature that features the trombone in such a prominent way, and van Rijen does a great job. Check it out on the sidebar.

Hired at BYU!

This has been on the burner for a while, but since I have started working, I can announce that I have been hired as an Adjunct Professor of Trombone at Brigham Young University. My duties are very similar to those I was doing as a graduate student–namely teaching non-major lessons and coaching brass chamber ensembles–but it is very satisfying having gone through an application process and been accepted as a bona-fide faculty member.

Adjunct positions are of course the bottom of the totem and by definition short term, but it is a position for which I am grateful. Thanks to Dr. Kimball and the BYU School of Music for the opportunity.

New Page – Lesson Specials

At times I offer special discounts. Now there is a page describing the current specials under the “Lessons/Coaching” tab. Check out the current offers:

  • Start of School Special
  • Referreal Bonus

For Sale – Lower Prices

I have lowered the prices on several of the items I have for sale. Check them out here.

New Page: My Equipment

Go under the “About Me” menu tab to see “My Equipment.” Here you can see pictures and brief descriptions of the instruments I use.